Friday, January 29, 2010

NECKJUNK heading to Dallas Comic Con!

Come one came all to the Richardson, TX Civic Center this weekend
for Dallas Comic Con! A FUN filled event for kids of all ages!
We are headed there to show our NECK JUNK for those who loved it at the LAST
DCC, 6 months ago.
For more information, go to:

Friday, September 25, 2009

NECK JUNK is headed to the BIG Antique Show in S TX!

Have you heard about the 
Big Antiques Show
held twice a year
in Round Top and Warrenton, TX?

If not, You need to get on the Google Maps
and come check it out!
It is miles and miles of great stuff!

Neck Junk with Curious Goods
will be showing at the Marburger Farms Show.
Here is a link to more details:

This Show Starts next TUESDAY , Sept. 29 
and is open through SATURDAY, Oct. 3

Marburger Farm is a huge show with the best of the best.
You will see amazing things there!
One of a kind Antiques, Jewelry, Art, Etc....
why not come see us???

**** HEADS UP! ****
October 24-25, 2009
Saturday 11am-6pm, 
Sunday 12noon-4pm.

Donna and Rhonda
Neck Junk
(903) 681-9708 or 9709

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Neck Junk has Landed in the Civic Center at Canton for First Monday Trade days

Canton, Texas First Monday Trade Days is held every month on the weekend before the first Monday of the month. Actually, as we are set up inside the Civic Center, so we are open from Thursday thru Sunday on that weekend. 

Neck Junk is available at Canton almost every month.
(At this time, there are only 2 exceptions: the first of October and April when we are showing in Roundtop, Texas)

Make plans to come see us at Canton sometime! We are easy to find in the Civic Center, we are just about the center of the room. If you don't make it to Canton, Come see us in Malakoff at Curious Goods or keep an eye on this blog and see where we will be next!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Visit the new Web Page:!

Well, it is finally done! 
The new web page for Neck Junk is 
up and running.
There are only a few items on the products page
at this moment, but more will be added often till we get
it filled up.
The web site can be used to buy product.
You can check out through a SAFE Paypal 
Checkout System using Debit, Credit, or Paypal
for payment. It is that easy!
If you have any questions hollar at me 
on the email and I will get right back to ya.
Email for Neck Junk business
is now:
How easy is that? Pretty dang easy.
So do it! Take a peek at the web site and let 
me know what you think. Be honest!
I will be waiting..............

This piece is for sale on
This piece as well.....
Do you happen to recognise the gentleman in the photo diggin' on the neck junk? Check back for the next post for the reveal of the answer.... think celebrity!
This Customer's Eye Makeup is beautiful!
Sorry for the glare from the light, but we wanted 
you to see our new show setup at 
the Dallas Comic Con.
Thanks for looking and we look forward to your feedback on the web page!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Neck Junk in Dallas Texas at Comic Con

Have you ever been to a comic book convention?
Well, we never had.... til today!
We are in Dallas Texas at
Here are a few quick pics for you.... more to come soon...

Can you believe that Wonder Woman knocked
Rhonda down
to take her Neck Junk????

Monday, July 20, 2009

Curious Goods has All NEW JUNK for sale!

Many of you have asked,
"Can I go online to buy your jewelry?"

I have finally created this place
to add photos of our
Newest Designs
so that you will be able to
take a peek
and buy some
Without having to drive to Malakoff
or Athens or Canton or Round Top
to see it in person.

Please be patient with the
photos. I have been working on this all
morning, and for the moment
this is as clear as they are
going to be!

Steampunk Style EAR JUNK, $20.00 EJ1
Steampunk Style Ear Junk $20.00 EJ2
NECK JUNK (watch, cross, key, glam)
 on 24" ball chain $29.00 SOLD! NJ1
Steampunk NECK JUNK
(gears, glam and key)
on 24" Ball Chain $29.00 NJ2
(watch and amazing GLAM)
on a 24" ball chain
Steampunk NECK JUNK
(watch parts with Glam)
on a 24" ball chain
$29.00 NJ4
Steampunk NECK JUNK
(gears and watch parts)
on 24" ball chain $29.00 NJ5
Thanks for looking!

You can email
to check availability
or to order.

*****PAYMENT: We accept Paypal or Charge over the phone.

******SHPPING: We can ship USPS first class, $3.00
or USPS priority mail, $5.00

(all additional pieces ordered at the same time ship free with the first piece)